Solo for $70: Week 5


OMG we are finally getting somewhere!  My experiment of spending $70/week on food (for just me!  Which should totally be plenty!) has been a dismal failure to date.  But fail forward, right?  (That’s a thing, isn’t it?)

I’ve learned that I have no problem eating breakfast at home, still like my morning latte habit and lunches are no brainers as long as it’s a salad that’s easy to pack (mason jar salads you are lovely, but still well above my current skill level.)  Dinners were a STRUGGLE, having me spend anywhere from $10-$15 a day depending on where I stopped.  When I took a look at that habit (so adult!) I realized it was less about the food I was stopping for and more about the utter lack of desire to cook.

I decided I’d try to embrace the frozen meal and figured I could chuck some vegetables into a hot oven with a little olive oil and salt and pepper.  I mean, I put them on a pan first, but not much more than that.

I spent $65 for the goods up there and threw an additional $20 on my Starbucks card for the week.  While it’s not quite $70, $85 is waaaaaaaay closer than things have been since I started.


Here’s what’s on zee menu!

Breakfasts:  Egg & cheese bagel with fruit
Lunches:  Salads for three days and one day of leftovers
Dinners:  Frozen meal with roasted cauliflower or green beans

In the interest of full disclosure, I have houseguests coming in on Thursday and we’ll be eating out most meals.  This is something I’d like to eventually be able to have a surplus for.  Like tuck aside the money from when I come in under budget maybe.  

Why are you laughing? 


Sleepless in Seattle


Sleepless in Seattle didn’t make it in my winter rotation this year but I realized I could sneak it into February since it ends on Valentine’s Day!  It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been spending more time in my old Seattle stomping grounds these days and love to see such gorgeous shots of the city.  I can’t think of any better movie to put a cap on the cozy winter months as we begin to turn toward spring.

House Guests


I love hosting my friends and family and over the years have found a few special touches help to make people more welcome.

A couple of interesting magazines.
Fresh flowers.
A fancier bottle of water than you’d ever buy for yourself.
Trader Joe’s Frozen Croissants (warm from the oven first thing in the morning–ooh la la!)
Sweet and salty snacks.
A soft pair of socks.
Travel sized toothpaste and kleenex.
Plenty of cold (or warm!) things to drink.
Tentative plans that allow just enough room to skip them completely.
And a lint brush because my pup likes to create an entirely new dog out of her own fur every other day.

A Few Fun Links


Portland, OR sidewalk

Little known fact:  I am constantly honing my perfectly packed suitcase.  Why yes there IS a military style debrief after every trip to assess how well my packing worked.  (Wait, where are you going?)  I’ll definitely incorporate a few of these smart travel recs from Yes and Yes!

To stave off colds I make a ridiculous amount of trips to Jamba Juice for the Greens ‘n Ginger smoothie.  I can now make them at home thanks to the Minimalist Baker!  (One thing I can assure you won’t change is the mandatory nap afterward.)

And speaking of incorporating a few things, sometimes you just have to give yourself permission.  Emily is reallllllly good at that and this article made me giggle, relax, breathe and yep, get teary eyed.  (Buying myself checkerboard Vans and a puffy jacket WERE my first steps to a dream life!)


African Black Soap

13689989Things have been gettin’ all spa-y lately chez Bea and I couldn’t be happier about it.  My skin is feeling soft and smooth and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the products that have taken me there.  One of which is this Shea Moisture African Black Soap.

I don’t suffer from acne very frequently, but read the back of this label after seeing it mentioned in a forum that spoke about whatever those little red dots you get on the backs of your arm are called (why yes I am too lazy to go look it up!)  The soap seems to have a lot of moisturizing ingredients (think shea butter, aloe and vitamin E) so I thought I’d give it a go.

Despite the dark suds being noticeable in my shower and feeling like I need man hands to handle its size, I am in love with this soap.  It doesn’t feel drying, the scent isn’t overwhelming and my skin feels smooth and supple.  In the words of my southern boyfriend “go on and get ya some.”

Solo for $70: Week Three


Ummmmmm…I’m starting to wonder what week I’m going to have actual success at not only this food budgeting thing but the grocery shopping thing too.  One needs groceries to make sure one does not eat out.  One (ahem) has not been doing aaaaaany of that.  Sigh.

This past weekend was spent up in Seattle with my sister and we had such a great time that I needed a day of rest once I got home.  Part of it miiiiight have been from the sugar crash that happened after a delicious Hello Robin ice cream sandwich (seriously, hellloooo Robin!  Delicious.)

I’m going to adjust my strategy and instead of coming home and planning to cook dinner, I’m going to look for the. easiest. possible. food. to. eat.  Think frozen dinners, soups and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Let’s see if that gets me home without passing Go…or in this case passing take-out…and SHELLING OUT $200.  Collecting is much more fun, no?

Crazy Stupid Love


I mentioned that one of my favorite things to do on Friday nights is pile on the couch with a glass of wine (like this one perhaps?) and watch a good movie.  Crazy Stupid Love, if you haven’t already seen it, stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s abs.  It’s funny, sexy and ridiculously adorable…my guess is the Funny Sexy Ridiculously Adorable Love title was too long.