Solo for $70: Week 1


I realized I’ve been spending A LOT of money eating out lately.  It’s maaaaainly because I seem to have lost any kind of cooking mojo.  Cue boredom, enter shiny take-out.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I stick to a fairly strict budget but waaaaaay too much of my discretionary spending has gone to food lately, something I’m determined to remedy ASAP.  Something I’m NOT willing to remedy?  My daily latte habit and eating out occasionally.  I set my budget at $70 week.  Which, since I’m usually only cooking for myself doesn’t seem to pose too large of a problem, though I imagine the disproportionate spending on coffee might make some raise their eyebrows.

So hello, Week 1 and welcome to my first little series on F&B!  I spent $40 on what you see up top, an admittedly random assortment of items to fill in with some things I already had in the fridge.  Here’s how this week will (hopefully!) shake out:

Items I’m Using Up:  Three overripe bananas went into the freezer along with a pound of ground beef riiiiight on its expiration date (whew!), a smattering of various breads, bits of salami and cheese, eggs and some grape tomatoes I’m hoping I can save with a slather of olive oil and a stint in the oven.

Items I didn’t get to in time:  Lemons and limes and bits of left over steak (boo)

This Week’s Menu

Avocado toast or a smoothie or cereal

Half a bag of salad with the addition of some garbanzo beans I have in the pantry, avocado and/or the aforementioned bits of salami, cheese and roasted tomatoes.

The container above included some fried chicken, coleslaw and macaroni salad (a splurge I’m wondering about now that I only got one meal out of it!)  Dinners are going to be primarily from the pantry such as spaghetti carbonara, breakfast for dinner and pizza!  Because Fridays are made for pizza and a glass of wine.

Remaining Cash Balance:  $30, which should cover pizza and a relatively inexpensive meal out just fine!  My goal is to build up a little slush fund over time to allow for dinner guests, the occasional add to the pantry and you know, those inevitable weeks when things don’t go according to plan!  Know thyself, etc.

Here we go!


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