Solo for $70: Week 2


I mentioned last week that I was aiming to reduce my discretionary spending on food.  And how did that go?  Hahahahaha.  Haha.  Ha.  Ha.  Dismal, dismal failure.  There WERE some bright spots.  I ate breakfast at home every morning and discovered I loved the salad/bean/avocado combo for lunch.  But other than that?  I ate out every night, forgot I had a work potluck I needed to bring food for and ended up out with girlfriends for drinks and dinner on Saturday night.  My $30 surplus was blown by day two and two days after that I just stopped counting.  If I had to guess, I spent probably about $200 on food last week.  For. One. Person.  (Hold me.)  Which is precisely why I need to cut back.  And I KNOW it’s possible, it’s just going to take a bit more working on than I thought.

I’m planning on cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom this week and getting organized to hopefully inspire me even further.  For some reason cooking when I get home in the evenings just isn’t happening.

I did decide I’m going to eat dinners out this week since I’m leaving town for a few days, but my goal is to find some reasonably priced items that won’t break the budget.

Items I’m Using Up:  I’m going to attempt to freeze some buttermilk into cubes and save it for recipes in more manageable quantities.

Items I Didn’t Get to in Time:  The tomatoes I mentioned last week didn’t get roasted.

This Week’s Menu


Cereal with 1/2 banana or a smoothie


The aformentioned half a bag of salad with beans and avocado



Remaining Cash Balance:  I only spent $22 on the groceries that you see above.  So I have $48 to spend on my daily coffee out and finding dinners for the next four nights.  THAT SEEMS TOTALLY REASONABLE.  We shall see!


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