Cleaning Out My Closet

The spring organizing bug has caught me early this year and I could NOT be happier about it.  I realized it was time I took a good long look at my clothes and what I actually wore (hello a variation on five outfits and a whooooole lotta black and gray).  I took five bags of clothes down to the Goodwill (!) which was more exciting than when I bring five bags of stuff home!



I’m not going to lie, I DID keep some aspirational outfits–a pair of rain boots and a couple of dresses that are alllllmost there.  We’ll see if they both make the cut as I go.  I still have some work to do, but mainly I realized I only need a few things for spring.  And spoiler alert:  I’m starting with some color.  And maaaaaybe some new wood hangers.  A girl’s gotta grow up sometime.




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