Solo for $70: Week Three


Ummmmmm…I’m starting to wonder what week I’m going to have actual success at not only this food budgeting thing but the grocery shopping thing too.  One needs groceries to make sure one does not eat out.  One (ahem) has not been doing aaaaaany of that.  Sigh.

This past weekend was spent up in Seattle with my sister and we had such a great time that I needed a day of rest once I got home.  Part of it miiiiight have been from the sugar crash that happened after a delicious Hello Robin ice cream sandwich (seriously, hellloooo Robin!  Delicious.)

I’m going to adjust my strategy and instead of coming home and planning to cook dinner, I’m going to look for the. easiest. possible. food. to. eat.  Think frozen dinners, soups and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Let’s see if that gets me home without passing Go…or in this case passing take-out…and SHELLING OUT $200.  Collecting is much more fun, no?


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