A Few Fun Links


Portland, OR sidewalk

Little known fact:  I am constantly honing my perfectly packed suitcase.  Why yes there IS a military style debrief after every trip to assess how well my packing worked.  (Wait, where are you going?)  I’ll definitely incorporate a few of these smart travel recs from Yes and Yes!

To stave off colds I make a ridiculous amount of trips to Jamba Juice for the Greens ‘n Ginger smoothie.  I can now make them at home thanks to the Minimalist Baker!  (One thing I can assure you won’t change is the mandatory nap afterward.)

And speaking of incorporating a few things, sometimes you just have to give yourself permission.  Emily is reallllllly good at that and this article made me giggle, relax, breathe and yep, get teary eyed.  (Buying myself checkerboard Vans and a puffy jacket WERE my first steps to a dream life!)



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