Spring Break!


I’m heading off on a little spring break for the next two weeks.  I’ll be back in this space on Monday April 11th and am looking forward to talking about my spring wardrobe finds and house keeping secrets.  Because who knows how to party?  Thaaaat’s right.  I might even join Instagram.  It’s gettin’ just that crazy.




Brooklyn rounds out our month of movies to kick off the spring.  I fell in love with this film–the story, its message and the clothes.  The clothes!  As I’m wrapping up my own spring wardrobe shopping you can bet green is being featured prominently with a vintage aesthetic.  My own little slice of 1950s New York in the 2016 Pacific Northwest.  What did I do before I had Friday Night Flicks to influence my wardrobe (and who am I kidding, design) choices?

Spring Secrets: Crest Whitestrips


Once or twice a year I fork out about $50 and buy some form of Crest Whitestrips.  I’m not going for Hollywood white teeth, but I do think the regular maintenance of cleaning off stains has served me well.  Especially when I combine the bleaching with regular cleanings, flossing, brushing and rinsing.

I find there is some tooth sensitivity for the first couple of days, but that after that it goes away completely.  Eventually you become so used to wearing them that you pick up the phone to talk to your boyfriend and he wonders what in the last 24 hours has caused you to develop a lisp.  (They don’t but that on the box.)

Spring Secrets: Floss & Rinse


All month I’ve been taking a look at my daily beauty routine.  This week I’m taking a closer look at dental care…because the fun just never stops around F&B!  I picked up some supplies to refresh my stash over the weekend and realized I’ve carefully honed THAT routine too!

I make sure to floss in the evenings using this method, though I will say I hadn’t thought about rinsing with water after I floss and before I brush!  Totally adding THAT to the repertoire.

After I use my Sonicare, I rinse with one of two rinses:

A flouride rinse in the morning:


And an antiseptic rinse in the evening:


I haven’t become one of those people who attempt to brush their teeth after lunch. Yet.


Spring Secrets: Sonicare



Well now that we got all the skincare secrets out of the way, it’s time to talk chops!  There was a long period of time where I didn’t go to the dentist and I paid for it in a big way.  Crowns, a root canal, wisdom teeth out at 40, a slight infection in my jaw that took us two weeks to find.  Iiiii think that might be everything?  It was all 100% preventable and I only have myself to blame (I hate when that happens).

Needless to say, the health of my teeth and mouth have become very important to me over the last five years and so I thought I’d share the “secrets” I’ve discovered along the way.  First and foremost, regular visits to a dentist you trust is priority number one.  I had a laundry list of things to fix after my first visit and so we strategized on when and how that happened and chipped away at the list over the course of a couple years.  I am incredibly grateful for the care I received.

I bought a Sonicare toothbrush and haven’t looked back.  On the occasional evening where I brush with a regular toothbrush, my teeth just don’t feel as clean.  I use it morning and night for the requisite two minutes and get A+ ratings on the health of my teeth and gums when I go in for cleanings every 6 months. They are more expensive than a regular toothbrush, but I think the money they save me on teeth problems makes it invaluable.

Solo for $70: Week 8

Aaaaaand the grocery store just didn’t happen last week.  I spent about $100 on eating out almost every meal every day.  On the one hand I’m disappointed.  On the other, that’s about half of what I had been spending on weeks like these that just get busy and easily start to spiral.

When life starts picking up, I tend to hunker down.  Cleaning my house doesn’t happen as frequently and meals don’t get made.  I find a comfy place on the couch and spend my little free time there trying to recuperate as best as I can.  Meals turn into whatever is close  and won’t make me feel like a total sloth.

I’ve learned some things about my relationship with food after two months of tracking my spending.  I don’t need as much as I thought I did.  Buying (and therefore, spending!) less makes it easier to keep the kitchen clean and doesn’t feel as overwhelming.  I also notice that eating out is not necessarily a bad thing.  It can often be a way to care for myself when I need a little self care.  I’ve started to make different choices–half sandwiches instead of whole, lighter soups since I’m not very hungry in the evenings and the feeling like there is enough.  There is no need to scarf down everything on my plate when there will always be plenty!

I made it to the store yesterday for the week ahead and look forward to continuing on with my findings.  Constantly honing, assessing, learning and developing.  It feels like the most boring place on the planet around here, but it’s been so interesting to take a closer look at these daily components of my life.