The Beginning

Oh hiiiiiii.  I started Weight Watchers today.  Again.  Foooooooor perhaps the hundredth time in the last 23 years.  The first time I started I was 18 and weighed 173 pounds.  I. Was. Mortified.

So that’s where I WAS.

I currently AM 41 and weigh 280 pounds.  I took my measurements this morning.  At 5’4, my chest measures 50 inches, my waist 47 inches and my hips are currently coming in at 58 inches.  I wear a size 20/22 in pants and a 20 in tops.  I’m giggling as I type that.  I am no longer mortified–just way, way out of balance with my eating and movement.  I have been out of balance for years and am finally ready to prioritize the planning and action that are needed to get to and maintain a healthy weight.

So where am I headed?

Well, good question!  In about five months I’m moving to the South from the West Coast.  I am happy and excited and also a little frazzled and scared.  I have started the process of looking at what I want to move and realize how much I’ve been carrying around that I no longer need.  It was a natural leap to looking at my weight and daily habits in the same way.

As I look toward my future, there is a lot I plan on keeping the same–my morning snuggle session on the couch with a cup of coffee and my pup; climbing into bed at night for cute and sexy pillow talk with my boyfriend; and all of the other little daily rituals that are bookended by those two moments.

I’d like some of those in-between moments to include riding horses; dancing when I hear a good song; cooking while drinking a glass of wine and not worrying about sweating; wearing shorts and skirts; doing outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and walking, and maybe even doing something new and crazy like zip lining or sitting in an airline seat comfortably (!).  I want to be engaged with my life in an energetic, strong and flexible way.

It’s time.

My goal is “55 in 5.”  I’d like to be down to 225 in the next five months.  I realize it’s a big goal.  And who knows, I might not make it.  Or?  I might beat it!  But it’s important to start somewhere and that feels like a good place to start.

So all that said, in this moment I am making a choice to set down the past.  And while I’m looking toward my future, I am really looking forward to getting there one day and step at a time.  Today is the day that I begin.



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