Weight Watchers Day #3

Day 3 is in the bag and it’s TOTALLY normal that I want to eat a quesadilla with like, a pound of melty delicious cheese, right?

I’m definitely going over my points each day and realize I need to bulk up on the protein, so I’ll tweak my menu a bit next week.  A major win today was when I really wanted to stop somewhere for dinner on my way home but didn’t.

I was hungry and tired and that’s definitely a habit I had forgotten about!  But I rallied! I came home and threw a Lean Cuisine pizza in the microwave before changing into my pajamas, eating real quick and passing out for an hour.

This weight loss biz is SEXY!

This weekend I’d like to have some meals prepped that I can just toss together or even just get some frozen dinners.  Something that I KNOW is there and will be ready soon. One habit shift at a time.

I am already feeling better after a few days of drinking plenty of water and eating more fruits and vegetables.  I took a quick walk again at lunch today too and am hoping all of these little bits and pieces add up.

Something tells me they will!

My plan this week was to go a little something like this:

Breakfast:  10 points
Morning Snack: 5 points
Lunch: 10 points
Afternoon Snack: 5 points
Dinner: 10 points
Evening Snack: 2 points

3 activity points per day

I went over budget in these areas:

  1. A cookie straw (!) they were handing out at Starbucks.  I toyed with the idea of saying no, but didn’t.  I did track it though!  4 points added to my morning snack.
  2. Lunch–oof I went over by 6 points.  I need to make a change to what I’m putting on my salads.
  3. My afternoon snack I just went over by 1 point.
  4. Dinner I went over by 1 point.
  5. Evening snack I went over by 2

So if my math skills serve me correctly that actually adds up to a significant overage of 14 points!  Crazy how fast it adds up and that it all really didn’t seem like that big of a deal.  Hmmm…the reasons for this extra weight are becoming clearer!

I had the points budget, so no harm done.  I think bumping up the protein in my lunches may help the afternoon/evening overages.  And luckily I think the passing out of cookie straws was just a one time event 😉


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