Weight Watchers Week #1

Well, well, well!  I lost 6 pounds this week and feel like I’ve learned more about what I need and when.

I was talking to a friend of mine about how I was so hungry in the afternoons and occasionally in the evenings.  She has done a medically supervised weight loss program through a hospital where food was pre portioned and you drink shakes.  They told her that if she was still hungry, to eat another serving.  And if she was still hungry after that?  To eat another serving.

Mind. Blown.

I guess the thought process is that eating more of the healthy foods when you’re hungry will stop you from binge eating on things that are high in fat and sugar.  The program also said that if she was going out to a restaurant for dinner?  To eat one of her meals before she went and still eat the restaurant meal too.  They said over time you end up eating less when you just keep having another serving if/when you’re still hungry.

Ummmmmmmmm.  This sounds so logical!  WTF?

So I’m going to bump up my afternoon snack–which I really liked!  Almonds, string cheese and fruit and still add some more protein to my lunches…or a half a sandwich maybe.

I’m looking forward this weekend to making ahead some things like roasted vegetables and maybe some sweet potatoes and red potatoes so I can come home and have some simple, quick dinners.  I have a cookbook coming tomorrow that’s called Sheet Pan Suppers which seems like quick, simple, healthy meals you can just throw in the oven!

So have I been perfect?   Uh, no.  I’ve tracked probably 5-ish days…maybe 4.  But I’ve been much more conscious and taking a step back and looking at where I struggle:

  1. Not tracking when I feel “bad”
  2. The fact that I even think of it as “bad”
  3. Getting a little annoyed when I’m hungry, which???

Instead of jumping in and trying to “fix” those things, I’m just being gentle with myself and thinking “how interesting!”  Then I move on.  I adore having a plan and so next up?  Getting busy on my plan for week number two.  I feel like I’m off to a good start!


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