Spring Break!


I’m heading off on a little spring break for the next two weeks.  I’ll be back in this space on Monday April 11th and am looking forward to talking about my spring wardrobe finds and house keeping secrets.  Because who knows how to party?  Thaaaat’s right.  I might even join Instagram.  It’s gettin’ just that crazy.


Plus Size Spring Wardrobe: The Beginning


Happy March Lovelies!

I am in the process of getting together my spring wardrobe and decided I’d go about it a little differently this year.  I was ready for some color and after the Great Closet Clean Out of 2016 realized I was also ready for some new clothes!

I get overwhelmed VERY easily and hate shopping, so I decided to limit my scope.

Color Palate:  Black, white, camel, oatmeal and green
Stores:  Target & Lane Bryant

My goal is to create a feminine wardrobe that I can take from corporate to casual.  After all my packages were delivered yesterday I can say that I am definitely on my way!  Stay tuned!

(Top pictured.)

Meet the Fish


Fisher (aka Booloo, Sasu, Balu, Laboo, Fishy or FISH STOP!) is my ten year old golden retriever/cattle dog mix.  I turned the corner at my local Humane Society and a chubby little eight pound six-week old Fishy chose me by looking adorable in the back of a huge pen filled with her brothers and sisters.  She quietly walked to the front of the pen, sat down and looked up at me.  “I’ll take that one,” I said instantly and asked if she wanted to go home.  She licked my face and rested her head on my shoulder when I picked her up.

She lets out a huge sigh at the end of each day when I’m tucked in bed and turn out the light.  She’s always ready for a walk but when I tell her “it’s too early, go lay down” she’ll climb back onto the couch and go back to sleep.  Everyone loves her (with the exception of my old college roommates but, rounding up to everyone).  She gets tired at parties; stares at employees in any establishment where she thinks she may get a cookie; hates skateboards, thunder and fireworks; is happiest chasing her tennis ball at the beach and still walks toward me with her head down and wagging her tail when I ask if she wants kisses.

And that photo up there?  That’s exactly what happens when she’s no longer willing to lay down and is insistent on getting outside.  She’s the only reason I know any of my neighbors.  My life…better doesn’t even begin to describe my life from having her in it.