Brooklyn rounds out our month of movies to kick off the spring.  I fell in love with this film–the story, its message and the clothes.  The clothes!  As I’m wrapping up my own spring wardrobe shopping you can bet green is being featured prominently with a vintage aesthetic.  My own little slice of 1950s New York in the 2016 Pacific Northwest.  What did I do before I had Friday Night Flicks to influence my wardrobe (and who am I kidding, design) choices?


The Matchmaker


One of my favorite movies at this time of year came out looooong ago, and was I think, completely underrated.  A charming little Irish village, Janeane Garofalo’s snark and a handsome Irishman (or two).  Perfect for these rainy nights that are juuuuust starting to hint toward spring.

Leap Year


Ohhh it feels so good to turn my movie watching toward lush spring films.  Leap Year takes place in and around the gorgeous Ireland and I can’t think of a more scenic place as I kick off my movie watching Friday nights.  Amy Adams’ cute outfits, a fun little Renault and Matthew Goode (whose name seems oh so appropriate).  It’s enough to make a girl pop open a Guinness.

Crazy Stupid Love


I mentioned that one of my favorite things to do on Friday nights is pile on the couch with a glass of wine (like this one perhaps?) and watch a good movie.  Crazy Stupid Love, if you haven’t already seen it, stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s abs.  It’s funny, sexy and ridiculously adorable…my guess is the Funny Sexy Ridiculously Adorable Love title was too long.

Pride & Prejudice


This Friday kicks off a three day weekend for me!  What better time to get swept away in the BBC’s six-hour long version of Pride & Prejudice?  No better time!  The romance of England’s Lake District, gorgeous dresses and Colin Firth’s (I mean Mr. Darcy’s (!))  long glances at Elizabeth Bennet.  I will neither confirm nor deny my own long glances as he climbs out of the pond wearing nothing but riding pants and a clinging shirt.  What did they do without the pause and rewind buttons back then?



One of my favorite ways to spend a Friday evening is piled on the couch in my softest clothes, sipping a glass of good wine, noshing on a slice of cheesy pizza and watching a movie.

Chocolat always makes an appearance at this time of year.  Every time I watch it the dialogue and storyline fade into the background a little more as I begin to notice the sets and visual appeal of each scene.  This last time, the colors of red and pink rose to the surface and I was enthralled with the shoes and dresses worn by Juliette Binoche.  Amazing clothes, a tiny village, a chocolate shop and Johnny Depp.  What’s not to love?